Your Ride

      2017 Majek Illusion M2
The unique hull design of this boat enables you to travel where most others don't dare.  With a 6" draft at stand still, and 4" draft while running, the M2 can comfortably traverse the skinniest of flats.  With the twin hull design, flat to a large tunnel, the M2 can also handle moderate chop comfortably.  The powerhouse consists of a 2017 Yamaha four stroke 200.  Smooth, fuel efficient, and quiet are the trademark designs of the four stroke motor. 
      Powerpole Pro II X2
Anchoring down is now a breeze with a push button/remote control.
Twin Powerpole shallow water anchoring systems are powered by 
hydraulic pumps in which quietly, and swiftly anchor you for prime fishing positioning.  

Minn Kota Riptide Ipilot trolling motor
Serving as a backup anchoring system, or controlling drift, the Ipilot syncs with eight GPS satellites to remain in one spot, or record and plot tracks. 

You book it, and the fish will come.